Who We Are

J&O was founded to make a meaningful impact on the companies and people we work with. To accomplish our mission, we needed to re-imagine the legal industry.

“Many of our clients have had disappointing experiences with a legal team — either it felt too big and impersonal, or too small and novice. It’s been extremely fulfilling to provide the perfect blend of seasoned expertise and effective support, and witness the success that comes from our involvement.” 

– Founders & Managing Partners, Rachel Johnson and Christina Oshan.

Our Team

Our team is our power. J&O is a place where amazing and talented lawyers come together to work on challenging legal matters and find innovative solutions. J&O team members are not just the best in their respective fields, but are also chosen to align with the J&O Way.

The J&O Way

J&O combines big-law experience with intimate personalization. To that end, we are proud to make all operating decisions based on the following list of core values:

Relationships matter.

Maximum attention is given to cultivating personal and continuing relationships – with our clients, team members, and our community.

Because we care.

We truly care about the companies we represent and the people we work with. Relationships and institutional knowledge of our clients are key to our ability to offer top-tier legal services.

We represent companies, not the investors.

We provide thoughtful legal counsel with the growth and success of our clients in mind, understanding that their success is intertwined with our own.


It is our job is to synthesize complicated legal issues and formalities in a user-friendly way for our clients. It is therefore essential that our attorneys are not only gifted in their legal work but in verbal and written communication- our solutions have little value if our explanations are not actionable. All communications should be concise and end with an achievable next action.

Life is short (and a lot of it is spent at work).

Work should be enjoyable on a daily basis. We implement various practices to keep our employees happy, challenged, and refueled.

Our team and clients are our family.

The development and well-being of our team members and their families will always come before profit.


We employ experts in the field who share the fundamental values of J&O and want to make a difference in the industry. Our clients will always receive top legal services and never carry the burden of training or inefficiencies.


We encourage open communication and a collaborative atmosphere with colleagues and clients. We seek to improve the way people view their legal team – from a utility to a key partner.


We are constantly engaging in personal and professional development opportunities to continue to be dynamic, thoughtful, and creative. This enables us to offer innovative solutions to everyday problems and prepares us for the most complex of client matters.


While profits support J&O’s growth, all decisions are made with the best interests of our employees, clients, and community in mind. We aim for sustainability by making J&O “the best place to work,” building meaningful and trusted relationships with our clients, giving back to our community, and implementing environmentally-friendly office practices. To that end:

  • We are a paperless law firm.
  • We donate 1 percent of our gross revenue to charities that are meaningful to our team members.